Buy and order for Xbox One X – Everything to know / features and specs

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The most powerful game console is finally out with services of more immersive gaming. The microsoft scorpio project has been unveiled as the Xbox one X. It is a successor to Xbox 360 which was showed to the world in 2005. To read more about Xbox 360 follow this link. Microsoft has come up with a new console after seven years, it quite overdue to see a better Xbox family upgrade. The Xbox one X has been an upshot upgrade from microsoft with new console, smoother game play, bigger memory and faster load times.

The console is specially designed for gamers to play games at 4K resolution. This console is a greater platform in terms of graphics improvement and video display. The X box one is a streamlined version of Xbox one S with a console featuring a vapor chamber for cooling.

xbox one x


Xbox One X Specs/Hardware What to Know

A quick breakdown on the Xbox one spec is below

CPU; eight-core 2.3GHz processor frequency  x86-64 AMD custom CPU

GPU; 6 TFLOP, AMD polaris Radeon-based graphics which run at 1172MHz UC RX 590.

Unified Shaders; 2560 (40 CU) 2816 installed 4 CU disabled

RAM; it has a 12GB GDDRS

FP32 Performance; 6 TFLOPS

Storage; equipped with internal hard drive  2TB

Memory Bandwidth; 326GB/s

Memory frequency; 6.8 GHz

Optical Drive; 4K/HDR Blue ray drive

Display ; 1080p

Graphics; 1.172 GHz AMD GCN architecture

Sound; 7.1 surround sound

Input; HDMI

Camera; 1080 camera

Can I play Xbox one X on 4K TV and other TV?

A 4k television is needed to run a resolution of games above 1080p. Xbox one x console will be run and play on a 4K resolution but that doesn’t prevent HD display users completely. The console will be rendering a better texture output on 4K tv due to console anisotropic filtering technology. The One X also deliver a much more game performance and dynamic smooth run because of its special design built in them. This doesn’t mean you can’t play the game on other non 4K or non HDR TV. Xbox one console has better rendering in qualities when compared to other counterparts such as Sony,s playstation.

The whole gist is that there is no need to panic when you keep hearing 4K TV in association with Xbox one. It shouldn’t make you to try to upgrade to 4K TV models. Though gaming with HDR TV and 4k TV will give you the best gaming experience but that doesn’t stop you from playing the game on older UHD Tv set.

When is  Xbox one X launching?

The Xbox one X will be available on the 7th November 2017. There will be chances to order as its pre-order is not yet available. There are no known information where the console will be lunched in terms of region, but one thing is that it will be similar to Xbox One S.

How Much can I buy Xbox One X ?

The coming of Xbox one X has result in price drop in PS4 ns XBOX One  S console.  The 4K gaming console is expected to be sold by Microsoft at $499, this may vary depending on the model.

XBox one X Pre Order

The pre order will be available online on the official page of Xbox One X pre-order.  The Microsoft tech giant is rumoured to use Gamescom as the launching pad for sales.  There are also news that Microsoft will host a special Xbox @ gamescom live show where all news on Xbox one X will be part of the show. The Xbox Chief on twitter replied a fan about pre-orders as Spencer said “ our plan is set for this. All approvals are done so now just landing the announce won’t take much longer”. There will be chances to order on Amazon when it is finally out. Read more on how to order on Amazon on this link.

Xbox one X Enhanced games

Microsoft announced Xbox one X at E3 2017, simultaneously it announced list of upcoming games that will be played on Xbox One X. the Xbox one games without the Xbox One X update/patches will be able to receive some benefits

  • Frame rate stability improvement
  • Games with dynamic resolution will most times hit their max resolution
  • There will be forced v-sync
  • Chanced for variability in refresh rate compatibility.


List Of Top Games expected in  Xbox one X

  • Agent of Myhem
  • Age of empires (definitive edition)
  • Anthem
  • ARK; Survival Evolved
  • Ashen
  • Black desert
  • Chess vultra
  • Dark and light
  • DOOM
  • F1 2017
  • Fall out 4
  • Far Cry 5
  • Fifa 18
  • Gears of war 4
  • Injustice 2
  • Halo 5
  • Mantins Burn Racing
  • NBA 2K18
  • Tekken 7
  • Unrully Heroes

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