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The dream of every Xbox gamer is to play with some other players and friends online. Xbox live is developed by Microsoft to allow Xbox users to enjoy online competition and play with friends easily online. The Xbox live online services is available with Xbox 360, Xbox one and other window consoler. You going to get all you need to about gaming with Xbox online here.

Xbox live


Gaming online with your Xbox live package is easy. The Xbox live subscription service platform is free. It is available as Xbox live free and Xbox live gold. It is made of packages that allow community of gamers to involve with multiplayers network. With this recent live platform, you can enjoy so many benefits. It allows you to continue with your games on your Xbox at any time. It allows you to access your games, saves, add-ons with another Xbox anywhere. Therefore, it is more like you can have access to your games from someone else’s Xbox console.

What is Xbox live?

Xbox live is an online service which is available with Xbox one and Xbox 360.

It is an online multiplayer gaming service created by Microsoft. The service allows its users to enjoy hottest games, quality HD movies, TV shows, current live events, best sports, Microsoft edge and Skype on your TV.

Xbox live Gold

The game online service subscription allows you to access free games for both Xbox one and Xbox 360. You can read more about Xbox 360 on this link. With an account on Xbox gold live, you can get favorable discount on game deals on the games store. The Xbox gold service allows for online multiplayer and access to free games monthly.

What can I do with Xbox live

  • Using Xbox live allows you to have access to continuous and unlimited gaming with friends in any part of the world.
  • It allows you to download and play free games and demos for Xbox one.
  • You can watch movies, TV shows, live sport shows, ESPN. Moreover, so many more services with Xbox live.
  • Use the free exclusive member deals with preview
  • Special apps to listen to radio and music services
  • Xbox live allow you to access cloud games, play and save from anywhere.
  • Voice services are also available with the service to find games, movies, TV shows easily.

How to connect to Xbox live with my Xbox one

Connecting to Xbox live is easy and simple. To do this, you can use both wireless or wire connection to do the connection.

Wired connection

The wire connection is safe and more dependable to connect to Xbox live. To use the wire connection, you need a network cable to connect your Xbox console to an internet server source (could be modem or router).

Wireless connection

For the wireless connection process, you do not use cables to connect your console to online service. The wireless connection allows you to move your console from the network provider.

Generally, to connect to Xbox live, you need an Xbox 360 wireless networking adapter. If you do not have a router, you can connect your console to your computer to use the internet connection.

How to connect your Xbox live with your Facebook

You can link your Facebook account to Xbox live to make it easy to connect with your Facebook friends.  You can do this easily with window 10 Xbox beta app. To connect with Xbox live on Facebook with Xbox betta app. Here is what to do

  • Open the app and locate the facebook icon at the upper right corner of the app (click on it)
  • After clicking, the facebook login box will appear. Fill in your details and password
  • There will be a message to show that your facebook has connect with your Xbox live
  • Facebook will now scan for your friends who have already linked their facebook with Xbox live accounts.

you can get more information on Xbox live from their official following this link