Real Xbox 360 Top Features and Basics

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Xbox is a Microsoft first video game console, with Xbox 360 developed to replace Xbox original. The game industry has moved into an advanced generation and Xbox are hping to competes with the likes of playstation and Nintendo. It will be the second video game console from Microsoft corporation, and it was unveiled on may 12, 2005. It is bigger than just a gaming console. The console is  a big entertaining hub with all the feature that will make you game all hour long. The recent advancement in technology has brought in new features to Xbox 360.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 just like other video games console is with hardware and software features dedicated to keep the running as smooth as possible. Looking at the console, the company has introduced a lot to keep it at top notch. The developers are ready to make the game a top demand from its users. As it is seen, the developers are trying to win a lot of audiences with so many advancement in its Xbox 360 console

Review of Xbox 360 Console, Features and Specs?

The xbox 360 console has different version available. It is run on an operating system of Xbox 360 system software. It is powered by CPU of 3.2 GHz powerPC Tri-Core Xenon. Its memory is of size 512 MB RAM clocked at 700MHz.  the storage media is made of 250- 360 GB in the 360 S models. The memory cards are removable ranging from 64-512 MB. The USB storage device requires 1GB  to 32GB with  clod storage for Xbox live Gold as 2GB. It booms out on an Analog stereo LPCM (TOSLINK and HDMI).


The xbox 360 video output for composite video is 380i, 576i (PAL),  S-VIDEO is 480i,576i(PAL),  RGB SCART 480i, 576i (PAL). Component  (YPBPB ) is 480i (DI), 480p(D2), 720P(D4), 1080i (D3), 1080p (D5)

Xbox 360 controller

The Xbox 360 controller has taken another dimension. Its new design has corrected the previous lapse in the previous Xbox controller which ws huge and ugly looking. It uses the Xbox 360 controller as its control and it is one of the comfortable console around.

The controller is either wired or wireless and can also be used with Microsoft Pc controlling system. It is manufactured by Microsoft  2* Analog sticks input and 2 Analog triggers. It is a digital D- pad with 11* digital buttons. The Xbox 360 controller is similar to the controller S the “start and the “back” buttons have been moved to the centre. The controller now has two new bumper over the analog trigger on the back of the controller. The controller also has 2.5mm TRS connector which allows for communication between the players. It is provided with some accessories to make the use efficient. Some of these accessories include;

  • The rechargeable battery pack

This allows for continuous 24 hours gaming as it provides constant power for the wireless controller. It is a nickel metal hydride battery pack.

  • Wireless gaming receiver;

This receiver allows for some accessory such as Xbox 360 controller, headset, racing wheels to be connected all at once to the receiver.

  • Messenger kit

The messenger kit is made of a wired xbox 360 headset and small keyboard which serves as a chat pad. The chatpad is use as a means of text input to the console nd it is connected to the front of the Xbox 360 controller.

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games

What is Xbox without games?.  Microsoft has developed some top blockbuster xbox 360 games. Game on this console that has top the rank in years include ;


Grand Theft Auto V

The elder scrolls v

The walking dead ; a telltale game series

Dark souls 11

Gears of wars

Far cry 3



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How do I set up original Xbox 360 console


Unbox the console

The Xbox 360 system incudes;

  • Console
  • Power supply
  • A/V cord
  • AA batteries (2pairs)
  • Power cord
  • Manual for users
  • Head set

Step 2

remove the protective tape in front of the console


proper placement of the console; make sure you take into consideration the following;

  1. The console must be stable
  2. The area must be properly ventilated far from direct source of heat
  3. Keep objects far from the sides and top of the console
  4. The console can be placed either vertically or horizontally

Step 4

plug in the source of power

  • Connect the console with power supply first
  • Fix the power cord inside the power supply
  • Connect the power cord to your electric socket

Step 5

connect the console to your tv

  • Use the audio/video cable to connect to your Tv
  • Fic the A/V cord to your console A/V port
  • Connect the corresponding color of the AV/cord fixed on your console to the TV A/V port

Step 6

Turn on the Tv and console



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