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Online video and streaming site are getting very popular. There are so many sites to stream videos on demand. TubiTV online is among the best site I will recommend for you to watch movies online among the few legal ones. If you are looking for other site, you can watch movies online with Netflix and hulu


It is similar to other top streaming sites that allow you to have access to movies, TV shows anytime and anywhere. Even though it is still very young (introduced 3years ago) if you are looking for epics, old not too famous, independent or documentaries, TubiTV online services is your best choice.

I will say, “Not all the stream is gold”, definitely there are millions of streaming sites and services but not all is fantastic and legal. TubiTV online site is among the very few platforms where you can stream any choice of movies and TV shows with ease.

One good thing about TubiTV online is, you do not need a penny for any content you watch on the website. I know you want to ask some few question. You do not have to panic; you pay for the service in forms of advertisement interruption.

What exactly is TubiTV?

It is an online free video streaming site, which has partnership with so many movie organizations. It has partnership deals with the likes of MGM studios, Lionsgate, Starz and so on. This free movie site is equipped with large quantity of different genres of movies. Some of this includes comedy series, classics, cartoon, documentaries, Hollywood action films, foreign movies and the likes.

Once you log into their official site, you will see the titles of each movies organized under a sub-genre. You will see “Featured” “Most Popular”, “New Arrivals”, “Leaving Soon”, “Award Winners”,” TV Dramas”, “Kids Show”. Depending on your choice, this genre makes it very easy for you to explore the site in order to filter and select the specific movies to watch conveniently. One of the genres that may catch your eyes is “Not on Netflix”

Movies on TubiTV Online

TubiTV are trying to raise their bar high to meet up with Netflix. They are coming real close, and they have some interesting movies you have to watch. These movies may include The Final, The Kite Runner, Gladiator, Terminator, Titanic and so many others. It provides so many genres for you to select such as Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama, Comedy, and Interesting Documentaries and so on. Majority of the movies may be unfamiliar to younger ones, but be well assured to get the best of movies you searching for. It also contains Bollywood and India movies that are worth watching.

Can I use TubiTV in my country?

The service is majorly available for those who are base in the United States. Not with standing, some other countries can still have access to use this service. Countries like Canada, Italy, UK and Germany can use this service. The service is still expanding and with time, it will cover most other countries in the world. If you are not in USA and you want to use some of its services available to US, there is a way out. You try to unblock the app outside US by subscribing to a VPN service.

Supported Devices

The following can access the TubiTV App/web

  • Ios- smartphone and tablets
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Amazon fire stick
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox360
  • Samsung smart TV


TubiTV interface

Similar to Netflix, it renders smooth and tidy video. In the site, the titles are set up as subcategory to ease download. There is an icon at the top left corner that you can be pull down for menu bars such as “Sign In”, “Register”, “Contact Us”, “Help Center”, and “About Us” to be clicked. Very close to these tabs, there are menu for “Genres” and “Sub genre”. If you move down the web page, you will see thumbnails “per genre/topic/popularity” which display information about the movie if you click on it. You can also add movie to the queue to watch later with the use of “add to queue” feature.

Video quality

The video quality is very amazing, it renders fast streaming capacity and quality buffering depending on the strength of your internet service. If you have a very good and strong internet service, the video quality is high and it becomes low depending on the service.

Generally, most users complain about its frequent ads, tons of fillers and running of the app on background. Apart from this, TubiTv is all you need to watch movies online.


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