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If you use an android phone and you are looking for a streaming site, Netflix movie app is your best shot. Netflix is an online service that allows its customers to request for their choice of movie to stream. The service allows you to stream video on demand, watches TV programs and shows online. You can have access to varies netflix movies and netflix series online once you have the app

netflix app

When you want to see a movie, TV series, operas and the likes, you do not have to own a TV anymore. All you need is your Netflix movie app, and then you can see your shows from your android phone anywhere and anytime as long as you are connected to internet with you Netflix app.

Which phone can use the Netflix movie app?

For you to use the Netflix movie app, your phone or tablet must be running] on android 2.3 or later version. Presently, the recent Netflix version runs on a minimal of android 4.4.2 version. If you use the latest android OS version, you have to download the most recent version of Netflix from Google play store.  If your phones is not qualify for this features, you can order new phones on amazon. Read more on how to order on amazon via this link

Where can I use Netflix app?

You can use the app on your phones in any part of the world as long as it has Netflix service.  Worry less, just make sure your OS is up to par with the version of Netflix app you will the using.

How do I watch movie on Netflix movie app?

  • Firstly you have to create an account with
  • You then log in your Netflix details with your password. After which you will be open to a large poster of top Netflix shows on your screen.
  • You can search for whatever shows or movie you want. To do this, try using the magnifying glass toward the top right corner of your screen.
  • There are various genre of shows on the screen for you to search through
  • You can also scan through the entire genre available using the menu, which is at the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Go through the Netflix shows =, Netflix series and movies then tap on the one you want to watch to start playing.
  • In case you want to fast forward or rewind, tap on the screen and use your finger to drag the progress bar forward or backward.
  • To exit from the movie, you just press the back button to exit watching the movie.

Netflix video resolution on android

Video on this app will be rendering and streaming at 480p or higher

How to set subtitle for Netflix movie

There is an icon on top of the screen during playback. You click on this icon “subtitle and alternate audio icon” to choose your subtitle and preferred alternate language of your choice

Can I download TV shows and movies on Netflix?

The answer is yes, but this depends on the compatibility of your device with the app. For you to be able to download video from Netflix, your phone must be running on 4.4.2 OS. You also need to have the recent Netflix app on your phone. After downloading, you can watch the video without connecting to internet. The same amount of data will be required to stream and download, so the choice is yours.

How to download and connect your android phone to Netflix account

Before you can connect your phone to your Netflix account, make sure you have a home screen to be able to follow the instruction as follow;

  • Open your play store app.
  • Search for Netflix
  • Tap on the Netflix app on the searched result items on your screen
  • Tap on free to install
  • You will be notified when it finish installing.
  • Exit the play store to launch your Netflix app
  • Enter your email and password to enjoy Netflix service


Netflix app is very user friendly. There is an astonish joy watching your favorite TV shows on your phones right on your bed, wherever you wish to watch it. Never miss live episode of your favorite seasonal movies. You can get more information about Netflix, cost of operation on their official site at