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There are so many videos online for you to watch. In every second, video are been uploaded online.  You can download this videos automatically on your phones, computers, ipad, PSP, xbox with the help of itube studio.

The itube studio has make it easy to download movies, videos, movies from any sites including Youtube, Hulu, facebook, vimeo  plus another 1000 sites. The app can automatically detects online videos playing on your browsers and download them.

itube studio

More than just a video downloader, itube studio can be used to convert video to any format of your choice. Video formats like MP4, MPEG, and 3GP, AVI, MP3 MP4 and WMV

What is itube studio?

Itube studio is an app that allows you to have access and download movies on a specific media device. It allows you to have access to download recent movies, Tv shows, youtube videos, MP4 movies from any site.  Therefore, instead of online buffering, you can download the movies with itube studio and watch later without experiencing problems of buffer.

What exactly can I do with itube studio?

  • You can download videos from more than 1000 video sharing sites and convert them to any range of formats.
  • With itube studio, you can download video 3+ faster and convert easily to your desired format
  • You can download videos in batches at a very fast rate in background while you continue to other things with your computer
  • It has a transfer feature that help to transfer downloaded video from your desktop to your phones, IOS and android devices.
  • You can manage downloaded files in the video library for easy transfer or quick export of downloaded files to any other device available.

Key features of itube studio

  • It can automatically detect one any video begins to load on your browser (best use either safari, chrome or firefox)
  • the app can automatically choose the best file format and resolution for selected target device
  • there is chance  for multiple video download from queue
  • Just one click to download interested video to any format you wish
  • Video downloader conversion for ipad, ipod, iphone and more
  • Extract mp3 from videos for listening on iPad, iPod and other devices
  • FLV/MP4 management/player
  • Very easy to use

How to download free mp4 with itube studio


  • Firstly you download itube studio on your window pc or mac and launch the program
  • Open your browser, and then visit your best movie site to access mp4 movies to download.


download movie

  • Copy and paste URL of the movies from the video site. If you want videos from youtube, copy the URL and paste it on the already launched program. You can use the task scheduler to download the movie or video in batches

Step 3

Convert video to MP4

  • Once you finish downloading , you can check for downloading video in the “downloaded” tab. After which you click on the download menu and click on the “add to convert list “icon. Waiting for conversion, select the video from “convert” menu and click on the “convert button”. A pop –up dialog box appear for you to select the video format (mp4) among the format list. Choose the device name and enjoy your video or movie.


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