Instagram go live with friends- how it works

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It is obvious that double live streaming is gaining ground worldwide. The new Instagram go live with friends has been introduce for a while now.  This month it will be officially lunch by instagram worldwide. The new option will allow users to invite more than one person to join their live video.

instagram go live with friend

The double people, double fun introduced by instagram gives you a chance to go live with friends, family members, fans or celebrities at the same time.

The new instagram go live with friends is designed specially by the instagram live team to allow you live with friends even when you not in the exact same space.  From Refinery, “a two person live stream proved to be both a product and technical challenge.  The live stream team had to figure out how both people will appear on the screen. Instead of using the face time model, which makes one caller appear small, instagram wanted to make the broadcast a split screen since they envision these streams to be an equal back and forth between two people”.

Therefore, after testing the feature back in August, the platform is now available to all users. You can invite anyone who is currently watching your live broadcast to join the “instagram go live with friend”. In all it allows two people to broadcast simultaneously via a split screen.  Another joy is that face filters can be use when using these feature.

How do I go live on instagram

The live ride will generally help users to connect with millions of friends and followers in an authentic way. It is quite easy to do, and if you have forgotten, this a summary of how to go about it.

You swipe right from your feed to open your camera and then you tap “start live video” button. You can then send notifications to friends once you are live to tune in

How to go live with a friend on instagram

It is very easy to go live on instagram. Once you go live on instagram using the steps above, your friends, and followers, your friends followers will be able to see and comment. You have to take note that you can only invite someone who is already viewing your live broadcast.

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Here are the steps to follow to use instagram go live with friends add-on

  • Tap the camera icon at the top left of your screen, or you can do this also by swiping your screen right from anywhere in your feed.
  • Tap “live” at the bottom of the screen, then tap on “start live video”
  • Tap on the person name you want to invite to join your live broadcast
  • Once the person accepts, you will see them appear below your screen in a split view fashion. The same way if they decline your invite you will be notified
  • To remove any person from your live stream, you just tap on the close icon X at the top of the split screen


How to differentiate “instagram stories” from “go live with a friend on instagram”

The new instagram go live with friends will appear in same banner as that of instagram stories on top of your feed. The live with a friend will be circle with a red circle and will have LIVE written across them to distinguish them from stories.  Therefore, instead of having a single circle, there will be two circles stacked on top of each other.

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