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iCloud was developed by APP Inc. almost 5 years ago (2011). It is a cloud storage capacity online service which give million of its user a lot of services. Apple iCloud enables its users to safe their phone information online. Apple is trying to make it easy for their customers to have access on their media at their own comfort.

Apple iCloud


What is Apple iCloud about?

Apple iCloud service create a means for its users to store data which may include documents, photos, music etc. safely online. The apple drive also allows for sharing and synchronizing of data among your devices. The company develops the service to allow for proper management of your files. It is an online service that allows you to store files and have access to them from any apple device.

The storage drive is accessible to your apple device including your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod. It allows you to create files and new folder from your iCloud space. It can also help you to sync your emails, calendar, bookmarks, contacts, photos etc among ios devices and your computers.

What is the Cost of iCloud Drive?

Basically,the apple storage drive account setup which allows you to store your phone data, backup, sync and share your data is free. Data can be stored in it as far it is not more than 15GB. You are giving 5GB storage space at the point you sign in for the iCloud drive. There are chance to purchase an upgrade of the storage space. Apple allows you to pay a yearly fee to get larger space to store your data, calendar, backup, music etc. You can make your upgrade on monthly basis. Here is an analysis of cost storage break down.

  • 20GB —-$0.99
  • 200GB —$3.99
  • 500GB — $9.99
  • 1 TB —19.99

What do I Need to Run an iCloud ?

If you want to use iCloud, you have to meet certain criteria on your device and software. For iOS users, your iOS have to be running on iOS 8. To Mac users it has to be OS X Yosemite, while at least window 7 for window PC. Information from Apple website specified that the storage service needs Safari 6 or recent version of it and Firefox 22 or Google chrome 2.8 to run. To run the service you will also need an Apple ID and password.

How to enable iCloud drive on Your iPhone and Mac

For your iPhone

  • Go to your phone setting icon and tap it
  • Tap on icloud within the setting
  • Tap on the iCloud drive located at the top to switch it ON or OFF

For your Mac

  • Find the apple menu icon on the top left corner of your screen and click on it
  • Select system preference on the drop menu of the menu bar
  • Select icloud and proceed to fill in your Apple ID and password
  • Click iCloud drive to finish


Top Services on iCloud

iCloud page – allows you to access, create and edit document you have saved on it

Photo icon – you can view, download and delete photos that you save with the storage device

iCloud drive – this allow you to access the storage drive features. Here you can store, upload and delete documents and files. To do this you can drag the documents you wish to save to the drive screen

Contacts – you can add contacts or edit previous contacts you have synced with the online service

Calendar – you can add events, appointments synced on your device here

How to track your iPhone with iCloud – You can find your iPhone using the iCloud app. After you turn on the ”find my…” on your device you can track and locate your iPhone , Ipad, mac and ipod with the service.

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