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Definitely, everybody wants to know who is stalking his or her Facebook. We all have visited someone else’s account that we not friend with. I have done this many times myself (lol). Looking at someone else’s profile is very easy. We all have a person we check up often on Facebook, to know wassup with them. To know who viewed your facebook profile, you are on the right page.
This post will definitely burst your bubbles if you are a stalker. Well if you want to know who viewed your proile on facebook or who creeps into your timeline often this post is your salvation.

who viewed my profile


Is it possible to see who viewed your Facebook profile?

To know this is very possible. Although checking who viewed your facebook profile is not made official by Facebook. Facebook definitely are not planning to release that data to its users. They believe it will prevent the social network users from utilizing the site maximally. This post will definitely guide you through to know who viewed your profile easily.

Can I know the person’s name?

Absolutely certainly yes, you can. I am going to discuss some of the methods to use in getting this information. My caution here is you have to be careful not to fall victims to third party Facebook application pranks. As I said earlier, Facebook has not supported this policy as this may discourage over 1.86 billion people using the site to flex the site fully.


Methods of checking who viewed your profile on Facebook

Method 1

Using the Google chrome extension browser

If you are curious to find out who is stalking you on Facebook, use the chrome browser add ons. This add ons allows you to track who viewed your facebook profile. There is a limitation in using Google chrome extension. It allows you to track visitors that use chrome browser with similar add ons to visit your page. Therefore, you cannot track somebody that is not using chrome add ons.

How to use this extension

  • Firstly, you have to download the Facebook view extension for your Google chrome. Make sure you download it from chrome webstore. To make this easy, download from this link and catch your stalker now.
  • After successful download of the extension on your chrome browser, visit facebook.com. Take note next to the left of the “home” bar, you will see a new tab “visitors” tab in between “find” and “home” bar.
  • Click on this visitor bar to get the person who viewde your Facebook profile most.

There are no charges involve to use the profile visit for Facebook. The chrome extension is free to use. As I said earlier, you cannot know the actual total number of people viewing your profile with this add on only. I have a word of advice for you that will be downloading the add ons. To save yourself from virus, make sure you download the add on extension from the above link only.


Method 2

The manual browser method.

  • Enter into facebook.com; make sure you are on your timeline using a browser.
  • Right click on your browser page, a list of small menu will appear. From the number of small menu click on the “view page source”
  • You will be taking to a new web page with lots of codes
  • Press CTRL+F on your keyboard and a search box will appear on the screen. Type “Initialchatfriendlist” ( remove the quotes) on that search box
  • Plenty numbers will appear after the text, this number are peoples ID’s or friends that have visited your Facebook profile.
  • To know who owns the ID, go to facebook.com, paste the ID after “facebook.com/” on the url of your browser example “facebook.com/cba”
  • The ID that appears first is the person that viewed your facebook profile most.


Method 3

Using who viewed my Facebook profile app for android

  • Download who view my profile app from play store for android users.
  • Launch this app from app drawer after installing
  • After launching, click on the connect to Facebook button on the screen
  • Log in your Facebook details and password
  • Accept the permission for the app to function efficiently
  • Wait for some minutes and you will get a list of people who viewed your facebook profile recently.