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There is no doubt about it that HBO is one of the oldest serving pay TV service in the United States. The HBO NOW allows you to watch live premiers as they air at your own comfort. It has been a top notch to use; you can receive all the original content offered by HBO with HBO now service.


HBO NOW allows you to get early access to all episodes of original HBO series. Every one of them, to name a few HBO biggest hit ever; the game of thrones, veep, The leftovers, Sopranos and so many others. The HBO now service makes it easy to have access on demand to HBO movie catalogue.

So let us get to know what HBO now is all about and how to watch HBO movies.

What is HBO NOW?

HBO NOW is a HBO service that you are more of a standalone streaming service without the use of a cable. This new premium service allows you to have quick access to every new episode of HBO series through a subscription provider. Similar to HBO Go, you have access to every new original series weekly, you can also have access to recent movies, sport programs, live comedies and every special trending event.

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How is HBO NOW different from HBO Go

Although they both have the same contents, they differ majorly in that HBO now is an on demand streaming service that does not require cable. On the other hand, HBO go service is via a TV provider (satellite or cable with any TV package that include HBO ) to function.

Where can I stream HBO movies

HBO service is available on the following devices;

  • Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPods
  • Amazon fire TV and TV sticks
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon tablets
  • Android TV
  • Laptops and computer (Web browser)
  • Chrome cast
  • Samsung smart TV
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Roku

How to use HBO NOW service

You can sign for HBO NOW via the app. You can download the app from play store or apple store. It is also available in Amazon, Samsung mart TV and the likes. You can also subscribe to the service with your normal web browser.

Once you sign up and subscribe to the HBO platform with the app on a supported device, you will begin with a free one-month trial. After the 30 days free trial, you will have to continue with a monthly subscriptions fee of $14.99 per month.

A mail will be sent to you once you subscribe, you will fill your details with a valid credit card and a confirmation of above 18 age.


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