Google Home Mini – Top Features, Release date, Everything you need to Know

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Google is bringing the competition to the amazon echo’s dot with the announcement of the new Google Home Mini. The Google Home Mini is a new smart speaker powered by google. Similar to the previous, you can ask it different questions and ask it to do things for you. However, it is similar to google home but it is not as big as google home.

Google Home Mini

What is Google Home Mini?

The new Google Home Mini is a smaller and easily affordable version of Google home smart speaker. It is very similar to amazon echo’s dot with its small portable size and cheap cost. It may not be as powerful as the home, but it is going to be a puck-rounded size that will produce 360-degree sounds according to google advert.  This post will give you details on everything you need to know.

Main Features of Google Home Mini

The body is design in a round shape and covered with soft fabrics giving it a very attractive colour.  The fabrics has four lights underneath it and instead of saying “ok google”, you can just tap the top of the speaker to  give your command, get answers to questions, entertain yourself and control your smart home.

Leaks from Wal-Mart suggest the size to be 4.53 x 4.53 x 4.72 inches (11.5cm x 11.5cm x 12cm). This is very similar to amazon echo dots.

The Google Home Mini is going to be available in three colours, we shall be expecting chalk (similar to off white), charcoal (deep gray) and coral (pink) colours.

From the looks of the released pictures, the speaker similar to the earlier released version will require power plug and not wireless. Am not sure i am cool with that, but I guess nothing is bad getting one for each room. For sure it is worth it since it is portable and reported to be pretty affordable.

The new smart speaker may not be as loud as the bigger Google Home Max, but trust me it is your ideal choice for a smart home controller and according google it is going to offer 360-degree sounds.

Release date for Google Home Mini

From google announcement, we are expecting its release on the 19 October with pre orders already available.

What is the price of Google Home Mini?

I do not think the price range will be that far from that of Amazon echo dot. The price range for the Google Home Mini will be $49 in the United States. While £49 will be expected in the United Kingdom.

We will be expecting the smart speaker to be available in countries that google home is currently available in.

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