Google chrome update – new chrome browser Update and feature

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created Google chrome is without no doubt currently the best and popular browser in the world. Stats have it that more than 60% of the world desktop web users uses Google chrome app. Chrome browser was first release in September 2008 and currently it is available for all desktop, laptops. Phones both IOS and android users

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Closer to chrome are its competitor, Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer having just about 13 to 14 percent of the web users all over the world. Google chrome fans have been curios to know what is going to be the new useful tool on the new chrome browser to be release soon.

What is Google chrome?

Google created the  chrome app as a free web for Microsoft windows, ios, android and MacOS. At the time  chrome was introduce, most computer users make use of default browser on their computer. Now, Google chrome is the most popular browsing app in the world.

Expected feature of the new chrome browsers

Parallel download:

The new Google chrome update is develop to see an improvement in downloading speed for large files as it will likely be the first to feature addition of parallel downloads. The parallel download for the chrome browsers will create three parallel jobs to manage the download, hence speeding up the process

HDR Video playback

Another new feature of the Google browser is the HDR video playback. Google that it would be available for chrome 64 or later version. HDR There are possibilities that it will be made available for later version than chrome 64 browser due to short time duration.

Built in Ad-blocker

The new Google chrome browser is expected to add the new built in add blocker in the latest version. To make the web a better place to be, Google has taken strong positions with Better Ads. There will be enforcement of rules defining the nature of online adverts

Redirection protection

google has taking measure to reduce unwanted page redirection by making browsing experience more interesting. Users of the chrome get notification easily when an unwanted redirect is blocked.


Automatic video and sound playback that is now common in most sites makes browsing irritating. To remove this annoying situation for chrome users, Google has come with a Google-power list of websites to mute such video and audio on sites automatically. The feature will be powered by the all-new sound Api introduce to the chrome browser

How can download the new chrome for your PC

Go to their official site or follow the link

Click on the download installation file

Choose save, double click to start download

Start chrome


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