Google Allo messenger app – chat easy with friends with Google Allo

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There is always a need to have a communication app, we simply cannot do without them. There are so many messenger app to communicate with your relatives, friends and folks. Facebook messenger app, whatsapp, sms app and the likes all have their unique features. One interesting feature of the Google Allo messenger app is that it can carry out these features of other messenger app.

Google Allo

What is Google Allo messenger app

The Google Allo app is messenger app for android and iOS users.  You can use the app on your computers and laptops too. The unique thing about Google Allo app is that it is a smart messenger app specially designed.  Similar to Google home it integrates the company’s Google Assistant AI helper. The real fun is you can chat directly with Google and ask Google whatever you wish to ask it. The logic here is that you don’t have to exit the Google Allo app before you can access google.

I will be giving you a brief summary on how to download and use the app to communicate with your friends

How to set up the Allo app

  • If you still do not have the app on your phone, you can download from play store.
  • Once you have downloaded the app, install the Google Allo app by taping the three dots.
  • You will then set the app up via mobile; it can have access to your contacts, phones storage and view + send SMS messages.
  • Enter your phone number and verification code
  • Take a picture or you can use any from your gallery
  • Fill in your name and tap next

How Do I Start Chatting With Google Allo

Once you install the Allo app, it will synchronize with your contacts and then display a list of your contacts that has install allo. You can also send an invite to those without the app. Once your contacts have the app, there is no much stress; you can initiate the chat very easy. Here is an outlined process;

  • Once you open the chat
  • Hit the message action button
  • You then enter your contacts name or you can scroll down to select any of your contacts and chat with

Incognito chat on Allo

Google gets all your chat encrypted, therefore, if you do not want Google to store and records any of your conversation; you can use the incognito mode. You can use the expiration time to time your chat such that once the time expires, your conversation is wipe off automatically.

How to get with incognito chat

  • Hit the messenger action button
  • You then select start incognito chat
  • Enter the contact name you want to chat with or you can scroll down to select the contact
  • Select the timer icon at the top corner (right) to set expiration time for the chat
  • Set the duration of the time it could be from 5sec – it could be a week depending on your choice.

How to create a group chat on Google Allo

  • Firstly you Select the messenger action button
  • After which you Select start group
  • You then add participant s to the group
  • You can then Add name and avatar

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