How to Find Your Lost Items in Seconds | TrackR Bravo app – best tracking app

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Have you ever lost any of your items before? It could be your car, phones, laptop etc. you do not have to panic much, TrackR Bravo app is all you need. Getting an item misplace can happen to can be so frustrating and annoying when you search everywhere with panic looking for a lost item. TrackR Bravo app has been my best shot in tracking my lost items. If you misplace things easily, you are definitely going to fall in love with TrackR Bravo app.

trackR bravo app

TrackR Bravo app is the best shot and easiest means to track your lost belongings and valuable items.  The TrackR Bravo app is a small coin shaped device that allows you to track your items. It is so easy to use. You do not need to install any GPS system to use this amazing app. The TrackR Bravo app is very cheap to use compare to GPS systems or tracking service

What is TrackR Bravo app?

It is mostly called TrackR, it is a small coin shaped device that you attach to your belongings like phones, keys, wallets, briefcase, cars etc to locate them easily. After you attach the trackR device to your belongings, you then install the TrackR app on your smartphone. Establish a connection with the app to your device for use. You can set the device to ring for you to locate the lost item easily.

When you misplace an item with the Tracker attached, the TrackR Bravo app records the last known location on the map. You can then check for the last known location of the device and you can use the proximity detector to know further detail of the items where about.


So if you looking for your car or you always forget where you pack your car in the garage, get your TrackR device and download TrackR Bravo app to get the exact  coordinates of the last known location of the TrackR and your belongings.

TrackR Bravo app features

Distance indicator– the feature on the TrackR app allows you to know if you are getting closer to the lost item or you father from it.

Item ringer– tap on the item ringer and the TrackR device will make a sound for you to locate the lost item of yours.

Phone finder– if you are searching for your lost phone, you no need to worry. This is the best part for individuals that misplace their phones. All you need to do is to press the phone finder button on your TrackR device, immediately your phone will ring out even if your phone is on silent mode.

Crowd Locate network– this future allows you to find lost item with another TrackR user. To achieve this, the user must be within Bluetooth range of your lost item. If he is in such range, you will receive the location update of the item.

Separation Alerts– with TrackR Bravo app, you can create a custom separation alert that will give signals when you are about leaving an item behind. Once this is set, you are never going to drop your phones, wallet, and keys at home while going out.

Amazon Alexa integration– Just Ask TrackR to find my phone and Amazon Alexa-enabled device will ring it for you

TrackR device Specs

The track R device is small device, which are usually 31 mm in diameter, about 3.5 mm thick. It has a battery life of 1 year (CR1616 battery – not rechargeable), with a device ringer volume of 85 decibels. The device is feature with 4.0 Bluetooth capacities. The device is capable with iphone 4s and later, iPad 3rd generation and later. A least version of android 4.4 with Bluetooth low energy can run the app.

How to buy TrackR device

You can order the device online by visiting the price varies depending on number or quantity of the device you want to purchase. Usually one tracker device cost $29.99 while four of it cost $89.99. You can get more information via this link BUYtrackR. You can also visit amazon to purchase one. (read more on how to buy goods from Amazon )

There are various colour of the device. It ranges from black, gold, salmon and blue. Some of the colours may cost extra $5 dollars.

Steps on how to use TrackR

  • You can get the Trackr from the manufacturer website or follow this link or the one above. Delivery of the device may be in few days, usually 1 week.
  • Once you have the device, link it with your smartphone and put it next to the object you don’t want to lose
  • Get the TrackR bravo app from same site on your phone to keep track your items.
  • Enjoy TackR bravo app and never lose your item


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