Facebook messenger lite – How to Download | Important features and everything to know about messenger lite

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Facebook messenger is one of the most common communication apps on our phones.  It has all the necessary messaging features we want. The app allows you to chat with friends, see active friends, send pictures, view snap chat story clone, audio and video calls. Recently, Facebook has introduced an alternative to the app. The recent alternative is the Facebook messenger lite.  The lite is specially design for you to connect with someone more easily with less data.

facebook messenger lite

The new messenger lite has very simple design. I love the lite because it is data, user and mobile friendly, with a size of 6MB if not less compared to the real Facebook messenger, which is above 60Mb in size. For those of us that have less low battery live, the Facebook messenger lite is design to save battery and data.  This post will discuss the important basic things you need to know about the Facebook messenger lite.

What is Facebook messenger lite?

Facebook messenger lite is a reduced or smaller version of the original Facebook instant messaging app. It is design for areas with poor network bandwidth. Facebook messenger lite allows you to connect with friends or other users with less data. The app is economical, as it allows people to save their money. It has some of the basic features of a normal messaging app.

You can use the app to send and receive messages with your friends as usual. You can also share pictures, voice notes, and smileys. However, the app is now very simple and data sucking features like video chatting, voice call, games, lens effects, sharing of location and view story are no longer available.

Why is Facebook messenger lite preferable to normal Facebook Messenger

The Facebook lite helps to save more space especially for those using older smartphones.  The new messenger is approximately 6 MB, while the main messenger app is over . The lite also runs faster on any processor when compared to the normal Facebook messenger.

If you have limited data or you have less bandwidth of data connection, the Facebook messenger lite is your best call.  If you do not use messenger video calls, I think you can give lite a chance you may just fall for it.

How do I download Facebook messenger lite on my android

To download the app you have to follow this process.  You can download easily from google play store. Nevertheless, if you cannot see it on the play store, you can follow the method below.

Download Facebook messenger lite from other source apart from play store

Step one

Allow installation of app from unknown sources

  • To do this, you go to the setting of your phone.
  • Tap on the security
  • Select the option “unknown sources” after which you Click on “OK”. Then you are then ready to install the Facebook lite.

Step two

Download Facebook lite apk

  • Open your phone browser and visit www.apkmirror.com/apk/facebook-2/lite.
  • You can use any other site, but I use this site most times. The site is safe and the apps are authentic
  • Select the latest version of the Facebook lite from the list given on the page
  • Choose the “arm” version if you use an Android phone that is standard
  • Move down and select the download menu, then select the ok button.
  • You will see a warning pop up, click ok and continue download.

How do you install the Facebook lite messenger app.

  • After downloading the messenger app from either google play or any other authentic source, tap the download screen and then “install” until it complete.
  • Open the app after installation to use.
  • Log in your detail and begin to connect with friends

You will enjoy the app if you are not the type that use messenger often.  To me there is no harm keeping the two on your phone for situations where you may need to make video calls or send a video. Well changing apps may be annoying so you could just give the Facebook messenger lite a full chance.


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