Easy ways to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

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Have you ever find yourself in a situation where your whatsapp chat history is gone. You do not need to panic, it has happened to many phone users. This write up will guide on how to recover deleted whatsapp messages on your phone easily.

recover deleted whatsapp messages

If you have lost your whatsapp messages and you looking for the perfect way to recover them, here is your best site to be. You can still catch up with friends, family, groups and know exactly what transpired during your absence on whatsapp. To recover your deleted whatsapp messages on your android phones such as LG phones, Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, and HTC etc. shall be discuss on this post as you read.

I will be discussing three methods that you can use to achieve this.

Method 1

Recover deleted whatsapp messages with recent backups.

You can always get back your chat history using the whatsapp chat history.  To recover deleted whatsapp message using this method is very easy. If you deleted some of your messages before you did the whatsapp backup, there is no need to panic. Whatsapp automatically make backups of your whatsapp data every 4 AM (depending on your local time). The backup by whatsapp is stored in your phone’s internal memory once there is sufficient space or it is stored on your microSD card of your phone. How do I go about this?

  • Uninstall the whatsapp app on your phone
  • Reinstall the app on your phone
  • As it install you will see a message asking you to restore your message history
  • Tap “restore” to restore all your messages less than seven days old will be restored

( you can download your recent whatsapp app following this link)


Method 2

Recover deleted whatsapp messages from less recent backups

To recover deleted whatsapp messages that are older than seven days old is not as easy as the one discussed above. Its slight difficult but it can is possible by following the steps below.

  • Firstly you Uninstall whatsapp
  • You can use a card reader to connect your memory card to your computer.
  • Look for whatsapp database folder on the SD card (Sdcard/whatsApp/Databases/)
  • Click on the database folder. There are so many files as you open the folder, this are your backup files. If you study the files closely you will notice they are saved with names like “ msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD” which represent the year, month and date of each message respectively.
  • Change the name of file with msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt7” to “msgstore.db.crypt7”
  • Install your whatsapp again and tap the restore when installing.

The whatsapp database folder is located in either your phone internal memory or external memory

You have to note that whatsapp automatically backup your history and message for 7 days after you last saved. It will be very difficult to restore data from whatsapp backups that are more than 7days old. Your current chat history will be lost upon restoring if you have not back it up. Message that you received after you do message backup will be lost for this recovery method. In addition, damaged and corrupt S.D card will prevent you from getting your chat history. Different phone numbers cannot hinder you to recover deleted whatsapp message. Use the phone number you use to backup your whatsapp messages to recover deleted whatsapp messages.

Method 3

Recover recent whatsapp messages without losing recent chat

The previous method above does not give room for you to recover message that has not been backup. If your messages were deleted before you did back up do not sweat you just read the below message. Firstly, you have to create a manual backup to keep the copy of the new whatsapp messages. If you want to create the manual back up this is how you will do it

Login to  your whatsapp

Select the menu tab or button

Click on setting menu and within it you click on the chat setting

Select the backup conversation

If you have done this manual backup, the files will save as “msgstore.db.crypt7” in your /Sdcard/whatsApp/Databases folder. When you’re done, you rename the folder to your choice of name like “msgstore.db.cryp7.current.” This depends on what you want to use example ”current” or “recent”.

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