What to consider when buying a smartphone

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I will say smartphone is the best thing to happen to humankind in this 24th century. We all currently cannot do anything without smartphone.  We use them for communication, browsing on the internet, e banking, saving documents and so many other things. Making the right choice when buying a smartphone can be very confusing. There are so many things to consider when buying a smartphone. Everyone has a specific likes or features they look up to before they select their device.

buying a smartphone

There are so many models of smartphones and this cause a lot of doubts while buying a smartphone. For everyone, the first thing you consider is what feature is your top priority. This will guide you while buying a smartphone.  Here are some of the things to consider before you choose the smartphone to buy.

What to consider buying a smartphone

  • Camera

Camera is my own top priority when buying a smartphone. If you are a picture freak, you will definitely agree with me. You will make this your first consideration if you like taking good pictures. There are so many good phones with good quality cameras in the market. Although high number of megapixels does not make the smart phone camera a better one. You have to consider several specifications, which include pixels, ISO levels, camera aperture, and autofocus. A camera with high number of pixels produces a larger image size. This larger image makes it sharper when seen on a smaller screen.

  • Sound/speakers

The sound and quality audio rendering is an important feature you have to consider buying a smartphone. If you are the type that loves watching movies, or listening to audio files, you will need a smartphone, that gives the best audio and clear sounds while at use. If you not a video streaming type, you are okay with regular bottom firing speaker. If you love entertainment, you are definitely going to need phones with front facing speakers.

  • Build quality

Talking about build quality is mainly about the phone’s durability. General we have two types of build for smart phone. It is either metal or plastic, while some are glass coated. If you are a careless type and phones drop easily from your hands, I advise you go for the metal or plastic quality. This will prevent much damage and less shatter during drop.

  • Display

Your choice of smartphone display and resolution depends on how you use your smart phone. For the video, photo, HD gamers smartphone users, a display of about 5.5 inch to 6 inch, full HD or QHD resolution will be a perfect choice. Bigger inch (>6) may make the phone look bulky and uncomfortable to carry around. A smaller size of 5-inch HD display will be appropriate for regular emails, chatting, browsing social media apps.


  • Processor

The choice of processor varies depending on some factors such as OS version, UI, bloatware and more. If you use smartphone for image editing, video editing, video streaming, online games and more, Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or snapdragon 820/821 will be your best shot for multi-tasking. MediaTek  processor are perfect for light smartphone users.

  • Storage

The OS and app that follow the device usually occupy larger part of the phone storage. If you are the type that uses many app on your smartphone, consider like 64GB -128GB memory space when buying a smartphone. For a regular to less app users, 16GB/32GB will be perfect for use. You can purchase models of smartphones that support Micro SD in case you are in more need of memory.


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