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Boohoo is a global online brand that always its customers to purchase good online. is its official website where you can receive the best taste of fashion and various new products online. official site was open 2016 and they are currently one of the popular brands in the world.

Who or what is is an online UK-based retailer of fashion, which is aim mainly at 16-35 years old. Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane created boohoo in 2006, and currently it is one of the leader online fashion group in the world. It has other brands such as boohooMAN, fashion conscious, prettylittlething and Nasty Gal target. The group ensures that they provide its customer with latest on-trend styles and fashion. They retail products designed in UK globally.  Boohoo is an inclusive and efficient top brand targeting young, value oriented customers. similar to top online fashion store gives you access to purchase so many of their brands online. Some of the items you can purchase include clothing, shoes, accessories, boohoo brands, and the likes.


How to order for your goods on

It is Very easy and it is similar to other online retail sites (READ ON WALMART ON LINE SERVICE). Firstly you log in to from your phone or computer, scroll through the site and look for any good you want. Add the good to “cart” after which you click on “checkout menu”. A page will display to fill in your email and password details if you have an account with them already. If you are new user click below the fill box “NEW TO” to create your account, or you can continue with the purchase as a guest.

A form will appear for you to fill, your names and address of purchase with your phone numbers. Fill in appropriately and cross check to see you do not make any mistake. After which you proceed to billing, here you fill in your account details then proceed. A page for you to confirm your order will be next, make sure you crosscheck all information you have provided then click finish.


Can I cancel my order on

Absolutely you can cancel your order, but technically by returning the goods. One of the principles of boohoo is fast processing of items once you place your orders. So most times, after you place an order it is difficult to stop the item from reaching to you, but you can return the item after delivery.

Shipping of item with

Boohoo has various UK Shipping service in the UK, which includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and wales. They also have about 200 countires to ship to all over the world to name a few; Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Azores, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal Romania, Russia Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, turkey, and so many other states you will see on their official site.  Generally shipping of good comes with a charge depending on the country.


You can get more details by calling their customer care or visiting the site online at



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