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Kodi is open source amazing software for your Pc, Tablet or phone. It is used mainly for playing media files and organising media. You can improve its functionality with addition of kodi addons. The add-ons give alternative function and various other uses. Kodi addons allow you to watch sports, view YouTube videos, listen to music and stream different TV shows.

kodi addons

With the use of kodi, you can turn your laptops, smartphone or tablet into streamer box. Unlike other Tv streamers, kodi is not restricted by licensing or curated app store. As long as you have the kodi addon, you can download range of community- mad apps and add-ons and watch whatever you like online.

Who can use Kodi?

You can use kodi in almost all devices as the best android tv box, movie app, and kodi Tv live app can easily be downloaded. Kodi services are compatible with OS X, Linux, Windows, Android – and even the Raspberry Pi microcomputer.

What is Kodi add-on

If you use kodi, there are many ways to customize kodi on your own. One of the quickest and best ways to get to use kodi the way you want is to install the best kodi addon or extension. Add-on is bits of code that can modify Kodi and give it a genuine outlook and functionality.

Kodi add-ons are in constant use and there have been replacement of old add-ons with new best kodi add-ons. I will be discussion a few of the best kodi addons of 2018


Top Best Kodi Add-ons 2018

  • Covenant Kodi Addons

One of the favorite kodi addons among kodi community is the covenant. It has become so popular, although it is host in the colossus Repo which was recently taken down due to legal issues.  You can download the covenant kodi addons from some other source. If you are a TV watcher, Covenant addons is arguably the best for you.

How to install the covenant Add-on for Kodi

  1. Start on your Kodi home screen
  2. Then click on setting icon and then go to file manager
  3. Click on the Add source
  4. After which you click on the icon where it says <None>
  5. Type in the url : http://org/download/repository.xvbmc 
  6. Name the source and call it XVBMC and click OK
  7. Go back to Home screen
  8. Then click on Add-on
  9. After which click on the icon that looks like open box
  10. You then click on install from the zip file
  11. Click on the name source xvmbc, and then
  12. Wait until the source has been install
  13. select or click on the XvBmC Addons repository
  14. Click on video add ons
  15. Find covenant and click on it
  16. Click on install bottom wait and go to home screen to open the add-on


BOB Unleash Addon

It is one of the popular best kodi add-ons for streaming content. These add-on has a big range of content from the usual movies and TV shows to more other contents such as sports, kids, shows and various documentaries.


How to install BOB unleashed add on kodi

  • Begin your kodi home screen
  • Click on setting icon and then to, the file manager
  • Then click on add source and then click on the box where <none>
  • Enter in this url #http://
  • You can give the source a name say noobsandnerds
  • Go to home screen
  • and click on addons
  • Click on the icon that looks like an open box
  • After which you click on install from zip file
  • Click on noobsandnerds, then noobsandnerds Repo
  • Wait for a moment and click install from repository
  • Click on video add on and scroll down to BoB Unleashed and click on it
  • To use the add-ons start on your home screen and then to add on and then video addons then click BoB Unleased to launch the add-on.

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Neptune Rising Kodi Addons

A newer add-on that is similar to covenant add on. It has similar layout to covenant in term of layout and style and generally, it is a fork of the popular exodus add on. It allows you to have access to trending and popular movies with the fork feature.

How to install the Neptune rising add on for kodi

  • Start with going to your kodi home screen
  • Go to the file manager via the setting
  • Click on add source
  • After which you click on the box where it says <None>
  • Enter the Url : accurately
  • Give the source a name maybe blamo and click ok
  • Go back to home screen and click on addons
  • Click on the icon that looks like an open box and click on install from zip file
  • Then click on blamo, the on
  • Wait for a moment and click on install from repository
  • Click on Blamo Repo then click on Video add-ons
  • Find the Neptune rising and click on it
  • Install it
  • You can now watch new content with the add on by going to your home screen – add-ons – video add-ons – then Neptune rising and the addon opens


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